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Benefit Consultants

Company benefit plans can be affordable, meaningful and easy to use and understand with the help of well qualified Benefit Consultants.


Comprehensive Employee Benefit Plans can assist your company in hiring and retaining a better quality workforce regardless of the size of your company.   This plan may also support your employees during their career and into retirement.


Your company package may include:


- Dental Plans

- Drug & Vision Coverage

- Holiday Coverage

- Personal Days Coverage

- Group Life Insurance Coverage

- Temporary Disability Insurance Coverage

- Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage

- Employee Assistance Programs (counseling)

- Pension & 401K Plans

- Executive Benefit Packages


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As a small business owner the term "employee benefit" may bring on a sigh while thinking "oh no, this is one more cost I don't need".  If this sounds like you consider this:


1. A well suited benefit plan can reduce costly employee turnover

2. Benefits do not have to strain your company’s bank account - a voluntary payroll deduction program allows workers - as well as you the owner/operator - to acquire needed benefits without a financial strain on your company.  This can be a win/win situation for your company and your employees.


For large corporations where it is desirable to attract, retain and reward top performers a benefit package may be structured for key executives that will help them and the corporation in the following ways:


-          Maximize the top performers after-tax income.

-          Attract top notch management level performers that may currently be working in the private sector.

-          Provide incentives for selected executives to continue with a long and rewarding career with the corporation

-          Structure management incentives that will motivate long term performance.

-          upgrade management benefits anytime with no consequence to the tax-preferred status of the corporation’s qualified pension plan


Get the best package for your company, your employees, your executives and top performers.  Contact qualified benefit consultants TODAY.  Visit BenefitConsultants.com for more information.